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We’re bringing charitable giving into the modern era with the latest mobile application technology, and linking it to the growing popularity of people participating in challenges for a cause. Only with the Give + Get app, YOU get to decide which cause is worthy of receiving your hard-earned money.

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Contact our team via email or fill in online challenge creation form and let’s get you started. Our challenge advisors can help design a challenge to suit your company culture or community spirit. No matter where the participants are, the Give + Get mobile app will connect them all in the one place. Download the app today and see what others are doing right now:

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Give + Get’s challenge based fundraising platform gives small to medium sized charities access to modern mobile application technology that would otherwise be out of reach. They also get access to our network of givers without adding to their already stretched workload. This allows them to focus more on their important operational and program delivery needs.

Bringing charitable giving into the mobile era

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01What is Give + Get?
Give + Get is all about tapping into that innate human desire to help others; “Give”, while at the same time joining a community of active people who complete amazing challenges and reap the rewards they offer; “Get”.
02How much of my money goes to charity?
90% of the money you donate goes to your chosen charity. Give + Get retain 10% of donations to cover our administration and app development & maintenance costs, as well as cover all financial transaction fees.
03Can I create my own challenge?
Absolutely! We work with businesses and individuals that want to create great challenges for their teams or communities. Get in touch via email or click on this link to get started. If you’re a charity we can also offer you the opportunity to create or feature a challenge on our mobile app.